Learn the History

CorSec was originally founded by a man named Corran Horn. Its mission would be to watch over Corellian space and be a major anti-piracy force. It was also Corran that came up with the recruiting message we still use today -- "The Corellian Security Force. The very name strikes fear into pirates, smugglers, thieves and other scum of the galaxy. Join the cause to fight for justice, order, and help us bring down piracy wherever we encounter it!"

CorSec did indeed become a major anti-piracy force and there was peace. Not much else was worth recording in the history books for a long time because of this peace.

A few years ago there was an event that deserves to be in the history books but there is almost no record of it. The only record was from an officers journal. The journal did not go into many details about what exactly happened but it is clear that Moose, the leader at the time, either caused or let things fall apart and then disappeared.

The officer that kept the journal was named Death. He talked to the powers that be and managed to save the company. He became the High Marshall and set about repairing the damage done under Moose's reign. Things started off a bit slow since he had never run a company before and was not that high up under Moose. But he had a passion for the job and learned on the go how to do the job. He forged a good relationship with the empire, then under the rule of Emperor Charon.

He did run into some problems though, most notably the Admiral of the Fleet going off on a mission and disappearing, his 2nd in command attempting a coup, and the General disappearing as well.

  • Vaanto Tormek took over Fleet and along with Kevin Chambers rebuilt it. A little while later Citadel Kiborn, Walni Rom-ca and Airgead Brocair joined them.
  • The 2nd in command had been from Investigations so Elliot Suvari took over that division with Lex Kempo as his 2nd in Command. Cam Antilles joined them a bit later.
  • When the General disappeared Lavek replaced him and had Josen Kara as his 2nd in Command. Pursiana joined them a bit later.

Some important events include:

  • During this time CorSec was restructured to have a Ruling board and a Commanders board. Most of the members making up the 2 boards came from the Era of Rebirth, the 2 that didn't are Fayanth Kilder and Manix Rukass.
  • Vice Admiral Kevin Chambers took over Fleet from Admiral Vaanto Tormek who took a leave of absence.
  • Lavek became the Vice Marshall and handed TAC over to Lt. General Manix Rukass.
  • Death handed off leadership of CorSec to then Admiral Kevin Chambers.
  • Admiral Vaanto Tormek returned to active duty and resumed command of Fleet.
  • Investigations was renamed Corellian Security Investigations and started using the abbreviation CSI rather than Inv.
  • Admiral Walni Rom-ca, with Vice Admiral Airgead Brocair as his 2nd in command, takes charge of Fleet Command(one of the 2 departments of Fleet).
  • Captain Fayanth Kilder takes charge of Starfighter Command (the 2nd department of Fleet).
  • High Inquisitor Elliot Suvari and LT. Colonel Pursiana were married.
  • Due to expanding numbers CorSec built a few more facilities including a much larger Headquarters in its city on Corellia called Argos. A 2nd city was eventually built on Corellia in order to provide more housing to it's members. It is called Korrain.
  • Elliot Suvari was named Governor of the Froz system and Kevin Chambers was named Governor of the Duros system.
  • CorSec built a city called Sparta and a defense station at Duro to help protect the Duros system.
  • CorSec built a second city on Duro, Mycenae, which was to become the new capital city of the planet and System.
    Many more members should be mentioned but won't be for lack of space and for privacy reasons. All mentioned members are retired so mentioning them again compromises no one.

CorSec and others slowly started colonizing other planets in the corellian sector. To finance this expansion CorSec built up the civilian cities of Corinth and Carthage on Corellia. Selling residential dwellings of various sizes and costs to people of all different economic backgrounds.

Next CorSec started to build outposts on the capital planets in several systems namely Froz, Jumus, New Plympto, Corfai, Talfaglio, Xyquine and Vagran as well as on Selonia. CorSec then started to build on the other planets in those systems as well as start to build in as yet uninhabited systems like Aurea.

At around this time other groups started to build in the sector including the Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance(what the new republic was known as at the time), New Anzat Order (what Anzatan Commonwealth was known as at the time) and a few other groups. This lead to some turmoil in what had been a peaceful sector for a long time.

The rebels proved to be as hostile as their name suggested and were trying to take control of as many planets as possible.

Some planets were hotly contested; the rebels tried to build on Corri II but the moon was taken away from them by CorSec. Same thing with Sacorria, though CorSec had some help there. The rebels tried as well on Narnakt and Vagran, with much the same result. CorSec repulsed their advances and they gave up.

The rebels were successful in some places though, including Daeron which was originally controlled by a group of supposedly neutral individuals. Since they professed to be neutral CorSec let them be(this being before the rebels built on any planets in the sector), only to find out later we were lied to. That lie also signaled the start of rebel expansion and the conflict between both CorSec and the Galactic Empire versus the rebels for control of the remaining planets in the sector.

Year 9 Day 289 :: The CorSec, holding numerous systems, today claimed their independence. The CorSec is now recognized in the Galaxy as a legal government.

After an unknown period of time with many of the records lost CorSec returned to the roots it knew best. Its position as a police force that promotes order and justice and seeks to protect the systems of the Corellia Sector are as solid and firm today as they have always been. Today CorSec is a different organization to what it once was and yet at the same time it has never changed.