About CorSec

Corellian Security (CorSec) is charged with enforcing the rule of law within the Corellian Sector. It's personnel are highly trained officers coming from a wide array of backgrounds, providing plenty of experience to get the job done in a variety of ways, keeping the citizens of the sector safe from the threat of illegal activity, terrorism, and gang activity.

Featuring a wide array of specialized teams, CorSec strives to be prepared for whatever issue may come-up in the sector, as well as any specialized roles required by those holding security contracts. From simple patrol, to tactical response, the leadership of CorSec strives to provide the best security service possible, knowing the falling short means potential injury or even death for the citizens they set-out to protect.
Upon joining CorSec, recruits are put through a rigorous training program that introduces them to basic policing and investigative skills, during which they are compensated for their time. Upon graduation, recruits graduate to the rank of Officer, the rank that makes-up the backbone of the CorSec forces. As an Officer, employees are assigned to a Sergeant who continues their training and puts them out on patrol and sets them up with the equipment they will need to do their job.

After showing a strong knowledge of how CorSec and policing in general works, Officers are eligible for a promotion to Senior Officer, a rank that shows their knowledge and that they are a good source of information for newer members. From there, Senior Officers can be given the option to apply for a position as a Corporal, where they will be tasked with assisting the Sergeant in the day-to-day running of their team.

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